Friday, June 15, 2007


Haha since i'm so bored, I'm gonna do a movie review , new and old (mostly old)

Mr Bean - Holiday
Rating - 2/5
Comments - Lamest show I've watched recently

The Interpreter
Rating - 3.5/5
Comments - The storylines quite good i guess, and theres a pretty girl involved

The Longest Yard
Rating - 4.5/5
Comments - Better than i had expected, watched it twice

Young and Dangerous
Rating - 4.5/5
Comments - A canto movie .. em i've got nothing to say ere .. maybe i just miss watching canto movies

Ocean's Eleven
Rating - 4.5/5
Comments - I liked the show , even thought i just managed to catch it on tv last week

Happily N'Ever After
Rating - 5/5
Comments - One of the best endings ever =p


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