Friday, May 25, 2007

The boy with a short attention span

So nows the time where everybody would be busy studying.. Same goes for me, then what am i doing blogging here? ahah, actually i just got distracted studying.. i side track so much even to doing things i dont really like to do..

.. and while i was studying i thought of this picture i saw somewhere online, and it got into my notebook.

I even made up a list of what i want to do when i go back to malaysia at the end of the year..

Yes i know christmas is not something i do , i dont know why its there either..

Anyway, i devised this plan to get myself to study.. you'd probably think it wont work but i'm gonna try it anyway =p .. so i'm gonna watch a first episode of something.. and only let myself watch the 2nd episode after i finish some certain amount of revision.. he he he , sounds smart i know .. hahahhaha, anyway i'll tell whether it works anot.. chiao =p


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