Sunday, May 6, 2007


All this time, we've been told that being emo was a bad thing.. People always say things like.. "Don't la emo" or "Why u emo?"
When referring to a person's personality and attitude, most definitions of emo hold that an "emo person" is candid about their emotions, sensitive, shy, introverted, glum, and often quiet
(Source : Wikipedia , 2007)

No i don't think emo people are uncool they jus sometimes annoy you with the emo-ness

Here's what i think of emo-ness
1. If ur emo, ur sensitive, it says so on top.. And being sensitive isnt a bad thing being sensitive normally means ur more considerate . . unless ur a nasty emo-er
2. Shy people arent bad .. Their just shy.. Same goes for quiet people
3. Some people are just more emotional than others.. You can't help it.. and being emotional isnt a bad thing by itself. . its when u cant keep it to urself...
4.(this doesnt refer to u Jingyang. . )
5. (Adds) I dont think emo people choose to be emo right?

And so here's my stand for emo-ness ..


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