Sunday, June 24, 2007

Movie watching plan =p

After I come back from adelaide .. I'm gonna watch all the movies I want .. whether any1's coming with me or not .. cos i thought .. heck whats stopping me from watching movies that i wanted to from the start.. I dont really have to watch it with somebody do I?

I'd share something ere, but somethings stopping me =p

Comic :

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Okay, Hello.
Things happened, and i doubted, but in the end God proved faithful.
So i was bothered by that. Thats all

Oh btw, i read homer simpsons got kidnaped

yeah it was in a KL cinema somewhere, yeah they returned it after that anyway -
*edits* Story - Homer kidnaped , Homer returned

Comic :

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

StarCraft II

Ooohhh .. Yes yes .. Today's topic, class.. is StarCraft 2 !! Tee hee .. And since i'm not the type to talk lots bout these things i'll let the pics do the talking..

Oh pretty pretty background

Protoss Zealots have shinier blades

Protoss has this new skills - Warp In

Thats all for today, uploading is very time consuming =p

And eres the comic for today ,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Coffee Ministry, a post leeched from Pearly

Haha, luckily pearly posted something otherwise i'd be too lazy to say anything today.
Today i woke up at 3pm and did nothing much i guess.. played guitar em.. went library borrow dvds and stuff.. and Coffee ministry

it was such a blessing to be in coffee ministry today. coffee ministry is basically a bunch of us from OCF giving out free drinks ( tea, milo, coffee and mocha ) and biscuits to people who are studying at the library at night. and while they're waiting for their drinks, we talked to them, you know the normal stuff like how are you doing and one topic leads to another. i guess it was a blessing to see people laughing and chatting even when they're in the midst of studying.

Reference : Pearly, 2007

Today's comic,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Church, church , and more chocolate

Lets start the story from friday, after cf, we went to "nuttorno" or something there we had nachos and pizza..

And I had ice choc,

Today, I went to church in the morning, then went to Planet Shakers in the afternoon. then we went KokoBlack , I had ice choc again tee hee ..

Some friends had hot choc

Maybe one of them was mocha or something..

And this was wat pearly got, ugly tea

The end.

Oh and ere's today's comic(Click to enlarge)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boredom's first attack

First of all lemme recommend this cool game , Student Park from Newgrounds.

haha , and for funs sake im planning to end my post with a comic strip after every post.. heres the first one =p

Friday, June 15, 2007


Haha since i'm so bored, I'm gonna do a movie review , new and old (mostly old)

Mr Bean - Holiday
Rating - 2/5
Comments - Lamest show I've watched recently

The Interpreter
Rating - 3.5/5
Comments - The storylines quite good i guess, and theres a pretty girl involved

The Longest Yard
Rating - 4.5/5
Comments - Better than i had expected, watched it twice

Young and Dangerous
Rating - 4.5/5
Comments - A canto movie .. em i've got nothing to say ere .. maybe i just miss watching canto movies

Ocean's Eleven
Rating - 4.5/5
Comments - I liked the show , even thought i just managed to catch it on tv last week

Happily N'Ever After
Rating - 5/5
Comments - One of the best endings ever =p

Dont wanna get bored

First of all, lemme laf at all those of you who still have exams




Okay, so exams over, and I'm gonna have a very very long holiday..
However, I dont wanna get bored .. so here are my plans
1.Keep Borrowing Animes from library,
2.Keep Borrowing books from library,
3.Watch shows
4.*edits* Learn Japanese Kanji
5. EM.. I DON KNOWWWWWW !!!! bummer.. This holidays gonna be so boring

Oh, btw ere's something to press on =p

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Haha its break time from studying and so im here..
One of the things i find really cool over here .. are the advertisements..

Now this is for all the cool ad deprived people back in malaysia =p
haha lemme show one where by eating mint , you grow longer nipples and its somehow supposed to be cool..

This ad is used in aus, only the mint is changed to mentos gum and its shortened..

Here's one ad with a talking chimp , see the competitiveness

Haha and Optus likes making commercials with animals

Okay time for dinner then im back to studying.. chiao ..
ps .. happy 2nd time marrying to pm of msia.. swts

Songs stolen from Jon ~ Tee hee

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