Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Food's day

Okay I jus finished my postcard assignment on the block tower the other time, so i shall tell a short story about today.

So today, i went with my mom to her friend's son's school's musical and choral competition. My mom's friend was this abc ( aussie born chinese ) .. i met with him on sunday and we had yumcha (thats what they call dim sum in aussie i think) at this place Shark Fins house . Here's a picture of me and him on sunday =p

Anyway , after the musical / choral competition , this aunty's friend brought us to some place to eat. And so we walked with the newly met aunty and uncle jus to find out that we're eating at the same dim sum place we ate on sunday. Guess it must've been some popular place..

After we had eaten and all we went home and since my mom was over here , i thought i'd have her teach me how to cook curry chicken. And so she did , and hugo and ai ling came over to eat as well and hugo stayed on later to "practice guitar" . . aww man .. now i wished i'd had pictures of the curry .. but nevermind !! there's always a next time =p

Chiao !


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