Friday, March 9, 2007

Going away post . . . After going away

HIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE , haha .. im not in malaysia anymore .. I'm in Melbourne ! !

Since everyone who went overseas has a blog .. tim .. jon .. and prolly other people , i decided to make one myself ..

and the first thing people do when they move and start a blog is post pictures of their new rooms =p and i think im gonna post some ..

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This was my room 1 week ago when i just moved in ,

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This is my room now .. =p

Whoa i have so many stories i have no idea where to start ..

So i shall start with the story of the start of my uni days .. Leland is a very lazy boy , and god has blessed him , by giving him only 13 hours of classes per week . YES , 13 hours .. thats jus barely half a day . Where do you think i get the so much free time to do things like starting a blog and blogging =p anyway , my Mondays and fridays are the only days i have classes of more than 4 hours .. On tuedays and Thursdays i have 2 hours of class each day , and guess what .. On Wednesdays i'm totally free .. I have a tutorial class with hugo this class called MicroEconomics .

Speaking about hugo , we saw these posters lying outside the emm 'canteen' at uni , and

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yes , a south park poster =p and Hugo got one Garfield poster also ..

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I think i have lots more to write, but im just getting bored already . So i'll save the other stories for next time =p chiao ..


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