Saturday, March 10, 2007

Block Tower

Today , or erm .. yesterday , i had this class , Construction Technology .
Sounds fun doesnt it ? Actually it is , and it made me feel so young and alive again =p like a kindergarden boy =p , haha we made a block tower !!! At least there was a hawt gurl in my group =p

Anyways , there were a few stages :

Stage 1 , Building the base . All we did was stack as much blocks together as we can .

Stage 2 , Bring it up as high as possible to beat the other group

Stage 3 , THE END !

Nice and elegent right? And then .. . .

Ah ha , did i get the sequence wrong ?
NO , thats just the tower in a different angle , my group got lazy and said , lets just leave that side as it is and finish it .. swt , so thats the end product of our BLOCK TOWER !!

The end . . Go o b y e =p


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