Friday, July 6, 2007

Stop Blog From Dying Post

Hello, so how's everybody..
So that my blog doesn't suddenly die off, i'm gonna tell some stories on how Adelaide trip went.

Haha, first off Adelaide trip was great.. It wasn't boring like everyone said, prolly cos i had people i know there.. When i arrived at Adelaide, uncle taught me how to cook curry, those indian curry fish, yes it did taste like those in mamak ones.. I learnt a thing or two more about buildings cos uncle was a carpenter .. I dont really know why but God must've planted this seed of interest into me.

Anyway we went to a 'german land' in Adelade - Hahndorf , had the best pie i've ever had - it had seafood =p.
We went to this place called the "Whispering Walls" it works like this, one person has to be at one end each (X marks the spot) , say something against the wall..

and the other end hears it clearly.. it was as tho there was a microphone and a speaker.. but not there wasnt , i dont think so anyway..

We went to this pizza place called .. " the good life " or something , aparently got awarded the best pizzas in South Australia , and they were organic.. don't have any pictures on that tho.
Also i got to watch pirates 3 with auntie and auntie's daughter one nite. The malls in Adelaide are like, dead town at night.. at 8pm, it was nearly almost empty and everything was closing.
The night before i left, I played cards with uncle's daughter for a while, and she owes me violin lessons =p

Thats it.. more things happened.. but i'm not the type to go on forever .. laziness has got the better of me.. Chiao



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