Saturday, October 4, 2008

my day

hehe i like today, and i'm bloggin about it because it's been an interesting day, asides from the fact that i have an essay due on monday and im not done yet, still thats interesting.
lets see,
1. i was awake around 7 something doing my essay, then around 9 plus , i went for breakfast with Jon Chee on flinders lane (not really , but the street cutting through flinders lane) for the first time. I had Chocolate + hazelnut + cream crepe, and a hot chocolate. . he he yum
2. after that i went to word bookstore, then i went home, because i forgot that i wanted to go to the library.
3. so i decided to go library with Joel cos he was going to Glen Waverly for 'Amy's Thing' by train. we also decided to try to trick the people there that i was going to Glen Waverly too (obviously i was not) and its going to sound lame if i explain. anyway the plan failed, we bocor-ed ourselves.
4. so i went to the library cos i'm a good boy.. photocopied my stuff and stuff
5. i came home, around say 2.. or 1.. i dono.. but anyway dont know why but had the urge to play the songs from John Mayer's Where the Light is. so i played a while.. watch the video. . (instead of doing essay) talked to friend online.. and played more guitar. . and altogether i played around 5 hours straight. . . he he .. my fingers felt tired for a while just now, but i guess not anymore since i can type fine .
6. now i'm going to finish my essay, because i'm a good boy..



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Songs stolen from Jon ~ Tee hee

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